Hi! I'm Amos Jackson.

I'm 16 years old and I like photography, both film and digital. I can't pinpoint exactly what got me into it. Perhaps it was realising what autofocus was for the first time. Programming is also something I have been interested in since a relatively early age. The first language I properly learned was PHP. Nowadays, I'm coding in Ruby. Some of my skills are being indecisive and recognising xkcd references. In school, I enjoy languages (I'm taking French, Russian and Spanish this year) and Physics.


I take lots of photos. You can find my favourites here, and the rest on flickr.

I've made a few publications for Berg's Little Printer:

I also like making websites about myself. I document the films I watch here. It's a tumblr blog with a custom theme that I designed. To simplify the process, I build a website which automatically sources posters from a database and posts them to tumblr (ptt). I also made a Sinatra app which says what music I've been listening to (here).

Get in Touch

You can add me on Twitter or send me an email. There aren't very many other ways to contact me, apart from meeting me in real life. If you want to find me, I'll probably be lurking somewhere in London (or maybe somewhere on this map).